Not Work - Not Worth

Don't say "not work". Please say details.


You have a good day making progress on your public projects, then a stranger contacts you and tells you “your project doesn’t work on my system” and no further details. What would you do?

This scenario has happened to me for a few times through my support channel. For the most part, I’d just tell the person to provide more details on the system they are using, how they set up my projects, the error they see, etc. Then wait for their response.

However, not just my services, others from my fellow developers and service providers usually occur the similar issue. Therefore, I made this post as a shortcut to teach the users on how to properly report their bugs.


00:00 - User: Hello. This feature doesn’t work for me. How can I fix this?

05:00 - Support: Hmmmm… Wierd, I didn’t see the problem in my test system. Can you give me your config file on that feature?

06:00 - User: Here is my config: config.yml

06:30 - Support: You forgot to set enabled to true

07:00 - User: Oh right, I forgot that. It works now. Thanks

The problem is that the Support might be either offline or “AFK” on the User’s first message, and it took 5 hours for him to see that messages. However, he didn’t know how the User had done to the project that caused the feature to doesn't work, so he guessed the User did something wrong in the config and asked the User to give him the file. Then, he had to wait for 1 more hour to receive the needed file, just to see that the User didn’t enable the feature. In summary, it took him 6 hours only to get the necessary details to understand the User’s problem.


00:00 - User: Hello. This feature doesn’t work for me. How can I fix this?

00:30 - User: Here is my config files: config.yml, features.yml, data.json

05:00 - Support: You forgot to set enabled to true on your config.yml

06:00 - User: Oh right, I forgot that. It works now. Thanks

Now it took the Support only 5 hours to understand and give the User the possible solution. Time was not wasted.


There are some cases that the User doesn’t know which files to give to the Support, because of how enormous the files are.

Here are possible solutions to ultimately solve the issue:

  • Provide all details: Give all Config files, Logs, Stacktraces, Reports, Screenshots, Showcase, Demos, etc. Anything that is related to the project.
    • This might not be a good solution as the User has to provide sensitive information as parts of the details.
    • Because of security reasons, this is ultimately dangerous for projects / services that provide community support (forums, JIRA, fanpages, etc.). However, your project would be fine if it did not contain or store private data.
  • Bug template / Guideline: Provide some kinds of forms / templates or Create a tutorial to teach the User how to report issues.
    • This is more common in big community projects.
    • The Support can specify which files the User has to provide. That means sensitive information can be avoidable.
    • The Support can also teach the User how to censor information in case parts of the private data is important for the investigation.