Use IntelliJ's Swing Designer in Maven

Recently, I’ve been working on several projects related to Java Swing and Maven, so I tried many tools from popular IDEs to create the Forms & Dialogs. My favorite was IntelliJ’s Swing Designer because: I mainly use IntelliJ in most of my projects The editor is pretty clean and not too bloated for my workspace The structure has clear separation between code and design (Only provide components variables when needed) However, the biggest problem was that there was no clear & official tool or tutorial to integrate the forms into my Maven projects.

Not Work - Not Worth

Background You have a good day making progress on your public projects, then a stranger contacts you and tells you “your project doesn’t work on my system” and no further details. What would you do? This scenario has happened to me for a few times through my support channel. For the most part, I’d just tell the person to provide more details on the system they are using, how they set up my projects, the error they see, etc.

First Post

Welcome to my blog. This is where I’ll express my interests in various topics. I’ll go from casual topics (Life, Styles, Hobbies, Games, etc.) to advanced and academic ones that are in my fields (Programming Languages, Development, Software, Technology, Hacks, etc.). This is purely to create a formal way to communicate my thoughts and receive opinions from you guys to make some kinds of constructive debate. Also, this website is a part of my open-source project that can be found in my GitHub repository.